Fitted King Single Sheet +

Fitted King Single Sheet +

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The Earthing King Single Fitted Sheet is a natural colour, 100% cotton knit, fitted sheet 1.0mtr x 2.03mtr with a 40cm pocket containing woven-in conductive silver fibers.

The Earthing sheet is used exactly like a normal bottom fitted sheet.

One end of the grounding cord snaps onto the sheet and the other end connects to an electrical outlet ground or alternatively a Grounding Rod which can be purchased separately.

Lying on the sheet easily grounds you to the earth during sleep.



  • Do not ever use bleach on this product. Bleach is a product that is hard on both the environment and also on the conductive silver thread running through this sheet and will corrode them.
  • Do not sleep directly on this sheet if you have oil on your body, this can insulate you and also destroy the sheet.


  • Can I use this sheet under my regular sheet?
  • Yes you can. You will still get some benefits especially if sleeping on sheet made of natural fibres such as cotton, however you will receive more and maximum benefits from sleeping directly on the sheet with as much skin touching it as possible.


  • King single fitted sheet
  • 15 foot (4.6mtr) connection cord
  • Australian Adapter Plug