Earthing Groundals - Fabric Upper   (Limited Stock - Final Shipment)

Earthing Groundals - Fabric Upper (Limited Stock - Final Shipment)

High quality conductive footwear that grounds the wearer in comfort and style.

This is the latest generation grounding footwear, with a contoured footbed that is fully conductive across the whole sole.  It is made of a specially developed TerraPlus material that gives full surface grounding for the foot (earlier grounding footwear designs used a carbon 'plug' in the middle of the sole).  They are effective on most outdoor surfaces, such as grass, earth, sand or concrete.

The fabric strap is both comfortable and functional and the unique outside upper strap attachment provides added comfort and a more flexible fit.

  • Contoured grounding footbed with full surface conductivity
  • Comfortable Fabric Uppers For A "Roomy" Fit
  • TerraTread™ high traction sole
  • Brand New TerraPlus Footwear material
  • Fully washable (with soapy water)
  • High quality, made in USA
  • Size   UK         Europe   USA      NZ/Australia   Foot Length
    S       2-3         34-35.5   4.5-5.5    3-4                217-225mm
    M      3.5-4.5   36-37.5   6-7          4.5-5.5          229-238mm
    ML    5-6         38-39 7   5-8.5       6-7                242-250mm