Straight Cord

Straight Cord


This cord is required with both the Earthing Rod and cord and also the Adapter Plug in order to connect to your earthing product.


This lightweight Earthing Straight Cord is 4.5 meters long. The Straight Cord is for Earthing Sleep Systems and Earthing Mats.

How to use it:

Simply plug the male connector of the Earthing Straight Cord into the female connector terminal of your Adapter Plug and then insert the Adapter Plug into your electrical power point. You do NOT need to turn on the switch. Snap the clip at the other end of the Straight Cord into the connecting tab of your Earthing Product. You are now ready to be Earthed.

Helpful Tip:

It is a good idea to get an extra Earthing Straight Cord, so that you can simply remove your earthing item from the press clip and then relocate to a different area without removing the entire setup.