Auto Seat Pad Kit

Auto Seat Pad Kit


Conductive Earthing Auto Seat Mat for earthing whilst you drive.

Typically placed on the drivers seat


Measures 10"" x10"" (25cm x 25cm). Made from natural rubber. Comes complete with a coil cord & alligator clip.

How to use it:

Snap the coil cord on to the mat at one end and to the metal frame under seat via an alligator clip at the other end. Car and truck seats are bolted to the floor and are directly connected to the body of the vehicle. The body of the vehicle acts as the ground so when you are connected to it your body can discharge.

Helpful Tip:

When connecting the cord to the body of car (seat frame recommended) with the alligator clip, find a spot without a thick layer of paint. The Vehicle Grounding Seat Pad can also be used in many other forms of transport as well to offer a good form of static discharge back to the vehicle whilst sitting

Other Useful Information

Made from a sturdy, conductive, carbonised rubber, the mat material is NBR not Latex.  NBR Elastomer is the short name for - Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (non-sulphur cured) which is food and medical grade.