My mother was diagnosed with auto-immune arthritis 8 months ago. She has spent over $2000 on doctor and specialist visits to get answers and keeps being told she needs to learn how to live with her symptoms and that this is genetic - drugs are the answer. Her symptoms are: pain in joints, swelling in hands, wrists, feet, ankles and fluid sacks on her elbow. I heard about earthing through a friend and convinced mum to walk along the beach barefoot daily and buy an earthing mat, within one week all her symptoms have gone! No pain, no swelling, fluid has gone from her elbows and yesterday she was vacuuming, she has not been able to do this for 4 month! Words cannot express how happy I am, you have given me my old mother back again! I will be spreading the word about your brilliant products. Thanks you Earthing NZ, you rock! 

- Andrea