Earthing Starter Kit Home & Office Single

Earthing Starter Kit Home & Office Single

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In this Starter Pack you will find a Single Sleep Mat, which is made from a soft conductive carbon leatherette, that is eco-friendly, non-toxic and vinyl free. This hole punched polyurethane leather gives a soft and breathable Sleep Mat that is designed as an underlay to go between your mattress and fitted sheet. The Sleep Mat has a taped edge and has black elastic straps to hold it in place. It measures 68.6cm x 187cm and can be used on a Single, King Single bed. It can also be used on a Double, Queen and King size beds when using it across the bottom of the bed like a Half Sheet.

An Earthing™ Universal Mat for use in your home or office during the day. This is made from carbon infused leatherette adhered to a PVC and latex free foam backing which makes it very comfortable to rest your feet or hands on. 


The Earthing Book which has amazing stories, research and scientific data supporting Earthing.





  • 1 x Large Universal Mat - work, rest or relax Earthed 
  • 1 x Earthing Book 2nd Edition 
  • 2 x 4.6m (15ft) Straight cords
  • 1 x Single Sleep Mat
  • 2 x Adapter plug with built-in splitter 
  • 1 x Outlet Checker